Wooden B2
wooden B2 (B2 Stealth Bomber)
In the history of civilization, Mankind has created various things. Considering this, I chose one thing of significance to use as a specimen in my work.
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Installation Project in Kawahara [ GIFT SET ]
Radioactive waste gift set
My installation project situates a rather kitsch product in Kawahara Castle Gallery. I decided to present our product at this castle.
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Publishing / Issue
The installation (Pablishing/Issue) is a project for pablish fictional book.
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The process of seashore and sunday carpentry store
The process of the seashore and Sunday carpentry store
.The Instarllation (The process of the seashore and Sunday carpentry store) is a Collaboration work with Seiji Hirata.
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An Extra Contents / Midoriyama Project
Industrial waste disposal site
This is a project which examine one of the satoyama(Mountain in village outskirts) whether could be returned to former appearance where the appearance has been changed.
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Radioactive mark
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